“Cicely” 3D Silk - BoudoirBeauty
“Cicely” 3D Silk - BoudoirBeauty

“Cicely” 3D Silk

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These lashes are super natural with just a bit of length for that barely there but more than mascara look.  These are a definite staple and must have for every woman wanting to feel elegant, demure, and classy - reminiscent of the leading legend of them all, Ms. Cicely Tyson ❤️

TIP: Great for those who are looking for a super natural barley there lash look.  Ideal for those with small eyes, but perfect for everyone.

Shape: Round

Material: Silk (Synthetic)

Look: Super Natural, Short, Lite Body

Lash Curl: J

Compliments These Eye Shapes: Almond, Hooded, Deep-set, Mono-lid, Down Turned, Prominent

Great for small eyes

// Klaviyo ATC Snippet