About My Lashes


Well if I hadn't already introduced myself, my name is Erica Wilson and I am a celebrity makeup artist of almost 20yrs. and a 2x certified lash extensions artist of 9yrs. (So I think I know a thing or two about lashes😍)

Over the years I have heard many of my makeup and lash clients speak of the lack of quality with strip lashes that were sold in stores and online that were not meeting their needs and standards - they were "cheap and fake looking".  

Then along came the new trend of mink strip lashes. Since then, most 100% mink haired lashes have been taken off the US market because of sensitivities and allergies due to untreated mink hair.

From there, stores and online sites have resolved back to producing more synthetic style lashes which are hard, plastic, and unrealistic looking.

My lashes are a poly-fiber mix. I've searched high and low for manufacturers who design lashes that are not only THE SAFTEST to wear, but to ensure they are never tested on animals, and are realistic looking and feather light weight.

That's when my boutique line of lashes was born!

My packaging design is sophisticated and grand; My lash styles are fashionable; And my lash kits are customized to tailor specific lash aid needs (coming soon).

That is what makes my lashes a unique boutique lash brand.

Boudoir Beauty lashes is a must have beauty staple!💋

What's Up With The Lash Names?

If you noticed the names of my lashes, like “O” ~ “Nicki” ~ “Eva” ~ “Cicely” ~ “Jada”, and the rest, you will notice the theme is inspired by famous African American women who are either actresses, singers, moguls, legends, and leaders who have paved the way for other females in the African American community.

Our sisterhood is unbeatable and undeniable and I couldn’t find any way greater than to show my appreciation by paying homage and gratitude to all of these great women on my lash line.

Stick around, this is just the start of something POWERFUL!💋



"I have on the "Yolanda's".  I looovveee them!  Very lightweight, molds easily to the lash line, not too long or thick.  And they look very natural!" - O.M.