‘24HR BOND’ Lash Adhesive Set - DARK
‘24HR BOND’ Lash Adhesive Set - DARK

‘24HR BOND’ Lash Adhesive Set - DARK

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The roll out of our first 'First Aid Lash Kits' is our '24HR Bond' lash adhesive that is TOP NOTCH and literally lasts all day, all night - no lies!  Includes FREE lash applicator.  *Lashes are not included

What aid does our '24HR Bond' Lash Adhesive kit provides you ask?

1.  Our adhesive seals IMMEDIATELY with no wait time time to dry!

2.  Our adhesive uses a brush tip applicator which makes it SUPER easy to apply.

3.  Our lash applicators grips and holds your strip lashes perfectly to make it SUPER easy to just drop your strip lashes to your lash line.

BENEFITS: Waterproof / Quick application / Fast drying / Contains Vitamins A, C, E, & H to help promote lash growth

24hr durability like no other adhesive!!!

*Lashes are not included

// Klaviyo ATC Snippet