"Bey" 5D Mink
"Bey" 5D Mink
"Bey" 5D Mink
"Bey" 5D Mink
"Bey" 5D Mink

"Bey" 5D Mink

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Sexy! Body! Curves! Fierce! These lashes have a lot of personality an attitude but at the same time plays it down.  Just like the one and only herself - Beyonce'.

Shape: Round

Material: Mink (Poly-fiber mix)

Look: Drama, Medium Length, Full Volume, Full Body, Very Wispy

Lash Curl: C

Compliments These Eye Shapes: Almond, Hooded, Deep-set, Mono-lid, Down Turned, Prominent

Great for average sized eyes

// Klaviyo ATC Snippet