“Regina” 3D Silk
“Regina” 3D Silk
“Regina” 3D Silk
“Regina” 3D Silk

“Regina” 3D Silk

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What better way to dress up a “calm beat” than with these lashes? Our fav, Regina Hall is always giving face with a soft beat! ❤️

TIP: These lashes are for those looking for a natural soft lash, with light fullness, and a slight flare at the tips.  So, if you’re looking for a lash that does not overpower your eyes, these are a perfect fit.  

Shape: Round

Material: Silk (Synthetic)

Look: Natural, Short, Lite/Medium Body, Whispy

Lash Curl: J

Compliments These Eye Shapes: Almond, Hooded, Deep-set, Mono-lid, Down Turned, Prominent

Ideal for all eye shapes

// Klaviyo ATC Snippet